To say the world is more and more a digital place is today a redundancy. The world is not more and more digital. It is already an intimately digital place. From economics to medicine, to justice or education, these are areas that suffered transformations in recent years much thanks to technological development and the introduction of new digital products in their daily lives.

However, all this digital transformation is far from being a linear process or something with a clearly defined future. The work in the digital area is exactly that, a journey of discovery and permanent learning made more and more of collaborative methodologies, new concepts, principles and tools in permanent evolution.

Developing and constantly evolving digital products is, above all, a multidisciplinary process where different disciplines of knowledge intersect at the same time. Areas such as psychology, sociology, strategy, management, marketing, design, programming, are already key contributions in building a digital and global economy and where users are increasingly the focus of brands.

Among all these iterative dynamics between products and users, many are the emerging terminologies, with more or less relevance and that represent in one way or another the day-to- day teams and their own processes.

Created in September 2017, Words and Thinks is essentially an inventory and online glossary of methodologies, concepts, and tools. Organized in a very simple way this space seeks above all to bring together different types of documentation on the most varied terms used in the day-to-day implementation of digital products.

Words and Thinks is a project of Ruben Ferreira Duarte, integrated in its creative brand and portfolio Everythinks.

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